Finally! Some in-the-trenches, real advice for web designers, developers, and site-building junkies.

Learn how to get a constant supply of high-paying clients, and all the web design projects you want.

A web designer's guide to more clients, better projects, and higher fees.

If you’re struggling to get clients, then the techniques in the guide, Web Design Clients Galore, could make the biggest difference in your web design business this year.

“One key point in his book that I love is the advice on specialization. The sooner you focus, the sooner you’ll be successful.” ~ Ilise Benun, Marketing Mentor for Creative Professionals.

If you don’t earn more than the cost of this guide within three months,
I’ll double your money back. Yes $194. ~Kenn

How I got three new clients in one week, in Paris.

I got them in three, 1-hour phone calls, no contract writing, one paid in full, and the total was over 10k in income. I was on cloud nine and couldn’t function properly for a few hours.

When I calmed down, I reflected as to how this happened:

  • I built an expert web presence that literally sold me before I got on the phone.
  • I talked about what clients wanted – mainly business results, some personal.
  • I stopped trying to be “nice” and stopped discussing html, coding, cms, etc.
  • I made an effort to find and get around ideal types of clients – my speciality.

This all happened while I visited a friend in France and trial-running a fully mobile business. Yes, go ahead and laugh at the last-minute, emergency headset 😉 Then, go buy the guide now and start landing more new clients.

web designing in paris

I’ve landed 2 retainers in my niche and …

Hey Kenn.trent smith - web designer Yes, I got your guide, read it and it helped me narrow my focus in on a niche. My goal is to generate approx 100k net per year, operate as streamlined as possible and increase recurring monthly revenue. So far, via word of mouth, I’ve landed 2 retainers in my niche and 2 outside my niche. We’ll see how it goes after things get ramped up. One thing I’m really enjoying is knowing with a fair amount of certainty just who my target audience is and how to qualify them. Your guide gave me the confidence to proceed with a niche because: (1) it was written by someone in my shoes, (2) I could verify that YOU are actually walking the talk via your coaching website, LinkedIn etc. Your guide was one of the best things I’ve done for my business. It provides bang for the buck. Plain and simple. 🙂 ~ Trent Smith, Freelance Web Designer

The motivation you get from seeing others actually doing it will hurl you into action (hopefully!). Get the guide now.

Buy Now $97 USD (Double-Money Back Promise)

I’m confident that if you apply what I suggest, you’ll earn more that the cost of this guide. If you don’t, I’ll double your money back – that’s $194 back. You will have to tell me what you tried and you will have to try something (isn’t that the point of buying this, right?! ;).


Three reasons you’re struggling to get more work.

I remember sitting with a fellow web designer at a co-working office in Buenos Aires. He told me how difficult it was to grow his business. And although I tried to steer him in the right direction, I failed to move him along. Here’s why I believe you’re having a hard time …

1. Finding clients is a skill you weren’t taught. Unlike tying your shoes or learning to swim, there was no teacher waiting to show you how to find clients. As a result, finding clients is like swimming for the first-time – you flail your arms about and go no where. It’s just exhausting. You’ll need to learn and try new things, just like any skill.

2. You have been fed bad information. Well-intentioned family, friends, and the Internet are loaded with advice on how to get clients. Much of it is bad or out-of-context and can lead you astray. You need to get the right information, and apply it.

3. You have success stoppers (yes, mental stuff). You may have bad habits or defeating beliefs that are keeping you stuck. This is a sticky, tricky area. These mental blocks operate on an automatic, powerful, subconscious level which cause you to repeat bad behavior. Simply finding them is often a challenge. No joke here.

Get the info, find your blockers, and start learning the skills with my guide – buy now.

talk on getting web design clients in buenos aires

Lexi Rodrigo - Freelance Copywriter, Marketing Consultant, and Blogger at TheSavvyFreelancer.comExtremely practical. Kenn gives enough examples, scripts, templates, and formulas so you can implement what he teaches. Web Design Clients Galore is an excellent primer for any freelancer … he teaches you how to set a solid foundation for marketing your freelance services, so you can have a profitable career. ~ Lexi Rodrigo,

jim smith, web designer, authorGreat book! Easy reading. The best part is the step-by-step way it deals with the critical arena many of us can use help with – selling our services. This book is going to help a lot of web designers! ~ Jim Smith Web Designer & Author of How to Start a Home-Based Web Design Business.

Holly Chantal - Web DesignerFun, easy, and very informative with mind-changing insights (packaging is one of my favorites) on how to earn more as a web designer. ~ Holly Chantal Web Designer & Book-Yourself-Solid Coach

Buy the Web Design Clients Galore guide now and create a solid foundation for selling your services.

Buy Now $97 USD (Double-Money Back Promise)

I’m confident that if you apply what I suggest, you’ll earn more that the cost of this guide. If you don’t, I’ll double your money back – that’s $194 back. You will have to tell me what you tried and you will have to try something (isn’t that the point of buying this, right?! ;).


Succeeding at getting web design clients is no
a big secret, nor rocket science. Wuddya do?

I believe it’s simply a matter of learning. A matter of trying something new and discovering a better way of finding clients. Three things to speed up the learning process are:

  1. Get good information (yes, this book is one resource). Get information from those who have gone before – everyone else is just guessing. Seek such info from those who inspire you. Those who you want to listen to.
  2. Get support in the form of people who will motivate you and keep you to task. A business mentor, coach, web designer friend or whomever or whatever it takes to get you to stick to your plans.
  3. Let out the side of you that is open, humble, and accepting of the notion that you’ll need to try new, and often strange, things in order learn. Be a kid again. Be ok with stumbling.

In short, get good info, get support, and take action (without making a fuss about it!). Start by buying the guide here.

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Had this book been around when I started my business 10 years ago …

freelance web designer jeff zoleAt first, I thought this book was going to be another discourse on social media and why it’s so important to have a presence on Facebook or Twitter. It wasn’t. I was pleased to find Kenn’s book was about something bigger: how to attract and retain clients that you will enjoy working with, and that will be happy to pay for your services. Many of the ideas presented in Kenn’s book took me years to figure out. Had this book been around when I started my business 10 years ago I could have saved myself going down some fruitless paths and had a more clear focus from the get-go. Kenn’s book is an easy and enjoyable read. I didn’t really think a non-fiction book could be a page-turner until now. As a 10-year veteran I walked away with a lot of new ideas to help me grow – especially given the current economic climate. I especially found value in the discussion of avoiding nickel-and-diming clients and finding great clients. I also like that it’s about quality of life too. Kenn’s book is a timeless guide for helping new web designers build a solid foundation to grow from and an existing designer to check in with how they are doing business, and find ways to do it better. Thanks for writing this Kenn. ~ Jeff Zeunert, Zolé Designs

*Jan 4th, 2014 update: I just emailed Jeff to say hi. Read how he continues to get new clients and projects.
Are you ready to learn from those who are doing it? If so, get the guide, and get going. Please.

12 things you’ll learn in Web Design Clients Galore.

  1. How to turn more curious prospects into paid contracts.
  2. Keys to getting paid much more per project.
  3. How to get prospects excited and practically sold before they talk to you.
  4. Techniques for signing up clients fast – in one phone call.
  5. The one thing your website needs that will compel prospects to visit.
  6. My secret for getting paid in full at the start of a project.
  7. How to weed out the bottom-feeding, micro-managing clients beasts and instead attract the fun, easy-to-work-with clients.
  8. How to get more visitors to email or call you from your website.
  9. How to create a constant stream of clients instead of feast or famine.
  10. How to position yourself so get clients coming to you instead of you hunting them.
  11. Ways to increase your income without adding more work.
  12. What to say to new prospects to get you hired.

Note: This is not a guide for accounting, taxes, time-tracking, invoicing, legal stuff, setting up a corporation, nor for learning CSS, Photoshop, or programming. It’s strictly focused on acquiring clients.

Q: Do you love learning new design, technology, software? How about putting some time into learning the “technology of creating a business that gets a continual supply of good, high-paying clients?” Start by getting the guide.

Buy Now $97 USD (Double-Money Back Promise)

I’m confident that if you apply what I suggest, you’ll earn more that the cost of this guide. If you don’t, I’ll double your money back – that’s $194 back. You will have to tell me what you tried and you will have to try something (isn’t that the point of buying this, right?! ;).


Four benefits you can enjoy once you’ve
applied the ideas in this guide.

1 – You stop chasing. Instead of hunting for clients, they hunt for you! How does it feel when you have to “go out there” and “sell yourself?” Needy? Awkward? Hard work? I know it first-hand – sucks! Now, they come to me and I turn many away.

2 – You charge more. You’ll become extremely valuable to clients and they’ll willingly pay more. Be well-feed, pay bills easily, take vacations, and free up time for all those other fun, creative ideas you’ve put on the back burner.

3 – You get “good” clients. Good clients totally rock! They trust you, give you space to work, pay you on time, and are fun to be around. Attracting good clients naturally deters the difficult, problematic ones who are never happy.

4 – A question for you: Isn’t our ultimate happiness based on how much we enjoy living? I think so. Cash or not, we will all go kaput one day, so the ultimate resource is our time. What will you do with your time?

  • A work-at-home mom (no commute) who has more time for bubble baths and taking care of the family.
  • A traveler who designs on the road between adventurous outings and amazing sites.
  • A 9-to-5 escapee making time for much-needed sleep, physical activities, and time with loved ones.

One of the biggest hurdles for web designers in business is to find more work. Get the guide and learn how I did it.

Five things most web designer loathe.
Are you struggling with any of these?
(Warning: long block of text below)

1 – After talking for hours and writing up a beautiful proposal, they say “no” (or they spontaneously disappear).

It’s disappointing to get a NO when you’ve spent hours with the prospect giving them great ideas, answering their questions, and writing a unique proposal especially for them. What a (insert choice French word here) waste!

One day I did the math, and it gets ugly. Let’s say I spent four hours with a prospect. One hour for the initial meeting. Two hours for writing a proposal. And, a final hour going over the proposal with them. I’m assuming no proposal revisions which I do remember doing quite a bit of.

Let’s say I needed three clients per month to satisfy my income needs. Then, I would need to spend 12 hours per month for three clients. And that’s only for the ones that say YES. More often, I would get a NO.

So, let’s say I signed one in three prospects. Then I would need to talk to a total of 9 prospects during a month. That would mean I would spend 36 (9 x 4) hours selling! This doesn’t count the time I had to spend networking or scourging the net for prospects! Which would easily add up to over 40 hours per week just selling. Imagine working 8 hours a day for one week just selling.


* The more ideal situation, which I help you achieve in my guide, is to spend a lot less time trying to “sell them” and instead feel very confident that a high percentage of new prospects will hire you on the spot in as short as a single 1-hour phone call.

2 – Getting paid a low hourly rate and resenting the work.

I never liked talking about fees. I didn’t know what to charge. I didn’t know how to explain my fees. Even worse was lowering my fees to get the client to say yes – which caused me to resent the work.

* In my guide, I help you get paid more, virtually eliminate invoicing, and even get paid in full up front. You’ll know how to quote your fees easily and confidently too.

3 – Wasting hours on job boards like Craigslist or Elance.

I spent a lot of time on these job boards trolling for work (I felt like a troll!).

They were complicated to use back in the day (early 2000′s) and setting up your profile took work. I remember countless hours searching for projects, bidding, and following up with very little success.

In my experience, the job-board method doesn’t work because you get lumped in a pool of desperate-for-work, low-bidding web designers. It seems like a small handful of web designers made any money on those sites. I do NOT recommend this method.

* The better way to go is to apply the techniques in my guide to get clients coming to you; clients who respect you and pay you well.

4 – Not knowing where to go to find clients.

Not knowing where or how to get more clients if you need them can be stressful. Do you scour the Web? Go to some in-person meetings? Start calling companies cold? When bills are coming and work isn’t around, that worry feeling can really gnaw you away.

I did a lot of different things including: networking events, leads groups, cold calling, warm calling, walking into stores, Craigslist, partnering with graphic designers, Google ads, SEO, and probably a few others. Most of it was a waste – until I figured things out.

* In my guide, I will show you exactly where to go to get clients. And, better, you won’t have to spend hours getting them, you’ll know what to do, how to do it, and confidently know more are going to come.

5 – When you talk about what you do, you get crickets.

When I talked with people about what I do, I was constantly reminded about how many people are doing what I’m doing and that what I was doing wasn’t anything special. “Oh, that’s nice, my pet Chihuahua is a web designer too.”

I hated being lumped into a pool of “web designers” which ranged from a 9-year-old son who pirated Photoshop, to grandma who set up a Blogger page, to criminal high school drop-outs forced into trade school to stay out of trouble (tuition paid too). I felt there was very little respect for what I was going to do – become an awesome web design guru that everyone wanted to hire!

The problem was partly feeling a little low, but more so in getting no interest in what I was doing from potential clients. It was hard to get people to “want” to learn about what I do and to hire me. The better way is to be able to describe your work so that everyone’s ears perk up.

Now, I and other web designer who have figured out some things know what to say to complete strangers to get them to perk up and want to know more. These strangers were also immediately able to refer some clients to me.

*In my guide, I give you various tools (including the Dying-to-Meet-You formula) to turn heads and get people eager to talk to you.

More extra work that web designers with plenty of clients don’t waste their time doing:

  • They don’t waste time driving to poor quality prospects.
  • They don’t waste time writing lots of highly detailed proposals.
  • They don’t waste time sending invoices.
  • They don’t get flaked-out phone calls with prospects.
  • They don’t get overwhelmed with scope creep.

Stop all the time-wasting madness that doesn’t get you more projects. Learn what I do and what other successful web designers do to ensure that clients, work, and income keep coming in, month after month after month in the guide.

Buy Now $97 USD (Double-Money Back Promise)

I’m confident that if you apply what I suggest, you’ll earn more that the cost of this guide. If you don’t, I’ll double your money back – that’s $194 back. You will have to tell me what you tried and you will have to try something (isn’t that the point of buying this, right?! ;).


A big question that’s going to hurt …

question on your web design business

I hate to do this to you, but I know from experience that one of the biggest motivators of change is pain. Here’s a question to chew on:

What will things be like in six months, 1 year, or 5 years from now if you did nothing and continued down the path you’re currently on?

Would your situation get worse? Will your struggles continue? Will your savings deplete or debt build up? Will you have to continue with or get a job you don’t really want?

Will you work longer and longer hours? Will you continue to stress about it? Will you keep putting off other things in life-like friends, travel or other creative pursuits?

Maybe things are not that bad now and you’d be just as happy with the same situation five years from now. Would you? Honestly? If so, great. But if not, and things are a far cry from where you wish you were, then positive energy into change, now and buy the guide.

Two gurus and a web designer chime in …

donald sparkman authorIt’s a competitive world out there especially for new, excited web designers. We are not natural-born sales people either. Your advice is practical, easy to absorb, and makes good sense. I especially like how it helps you see things from the client’s perspective. It’s perfect for getting web designers up to speed on how to position themselves for getting clients. ~ Donald Sparkman Graphic Designer & Author of How to Sell Graphic and Web Design

Joana Souza - Moving Wide Web Design StudioI run a small web design studio in Lisbon. I bought your book last week and I can’t stop reading it! Your book is really great and started to change my viewpoint about what I do! Thanks a lot. ~ Joana Souza

mark frank - how to start home based web design businessIt’s well written and full of good information. It’s also beautifully laid out. You have done an excellent job and you have created a very good info product. ~ Mark Frank Web Designer & Author of Start Your Own Home-Based Web Design Business

Change how you think and beat the competition with my guide, buy now.

Buy Now $97 USD (Double-Money Back Promise)

I’m confident that if you apply what I suggest, you’ll earn more that the cost of this guide. If you don’t, I’ll double your money back – that’s $194 back. You will have to tell me what you tried and you will have to try something (isn’t that the point of buying this, right?! ;).


Two things I wish I did when I first started out
as a freelance web designer:

1. Learn from those who have gone before

I wish I had a successful web designer to mentor me. I was stubborn. I was too smart and too cool to ask for help. I had to figure it out on my own. And figure it out I did … after 12 years of sweating it out. It should take more than 6-12 months to get things going nicely. And the sooner you get the help of someone who has gone before, the better.

* Don’t let your own ego get in the way. Instead get the best of what I know to date.

2. Spend less time learning new technology

I love technology. I learned how to integrate Flash with a database, hand-code an entire e-commerce website, and to doctor photos to make people gorgeous. I learned usability, accessibility, and search engine optimization. All that learning was fun, but, it didn’t help me get more clients – although I thought the more I could do the more work I “could” get. This is not the case, sadly.

* Start getting better at getting clients or there won’t be anyone to build for! Go buy my guide: buy it now.

Four reasons NOT to buy this guide:

1 – You’re afraid you’re going to do nothing.

If you’re 100% sure that you’re going to be lazy, then save yourself the money and don’t buy this guide now. BUT, if it’s time to change things in your business, get the guide.

2 – You don’t know me.

I understand. Check me out: LinkedIn, Facebook, and my web design biz. Then, get the guide, and start changing your business.

LinkedIn deems my profile "All-Star"

LI’s profile measure – LOL!

3 – You are wondering if you already know this info?

If you don’t have clients coming in consistently and paying you top dollar, then you are probably doing sub-ideal things. This guide has motivated others into doing the right things.

4 – Is this guide too good to be true?

This guide won’t change your business over night. It will take time to implement. Are the rewards of high income, easy client acquisition, and new projects worth it? Absolutely! Buy now.

What Ilise and Robert say …

Ilise Benum - Marketing MentorMost of the marketing stuff out there is meant for corporations which makes it hard to implement for small business web designers. Kenn’s guide, Web Design Clients Galore, is very personable and easy to read with the nuts and bolts of building for succeeding in your practice. One key point in his book that I love is the advice on specialization. Designers have got to realize that you can’t be everything to everything to everyone and the sooner you focus, the sooner you’ll be successful.” ~ Ilise Benum, Marketing Mentor for Creative Professionals

rob szalai - web deisgner Thanks for your email. First of all, your book is awesome. 🙂 I had a lot of question while I was reading, but I’ve got all the answers by the time I finished it. The book made me think and gave me new perspectives. I heard about the benefits of targeting a specific niche before, but your book goes deeper and explains everything. ~ Robert Szalai.

Ok. It’s decision time. Let me ask you …

I think the guide is well worth the 97 bucks. In fact, it should be worth a lot more if you start using what’s in it because it can easily pay back many times over. But hey, 97 dollars is still 97 dollars and for your personal reasons, you are not completely sure. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll be lazy, maybe afraid I won’t refund your $$, or (you’d be surprised) you’re afraid this might even work and that feels uncomfortable. I get it. I’ve been there. Sometimes, it took a really low point in my business before I took action and invested my time and money. Such is life. But …

Let me ask you, what’s the worst that could happen if you take the plunge and try to improve things for yourself? Really, what would be the absolute worst nightmare if you set out to try to earn more, get more work and grow your web design business with some brave moves? What? Let me know what your biggest concern is. What you’re worried most about. What’s stopping you from buying this and/or what’s stopping you from taking action even without this guide. Just reach me here:, and Yes, I check my email. If for some reason you don’t get a response (email blockers, an old filter, etc) see me on Facebook.

Kenn, I’m ready!

Ok, buy the guide now, read it, and try something out and let things happen on their own. If in three months, you give it a go and nothing happens, just let me know and I’ll double your money back.


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